Happy Holidays from mango chutney
The team at Mango Chutney wish you a very Merry Christmas, a relaxing holiday season and a safe summer.

It's been a wonderful working with you this year!

We hope you enjoy this extra special coffee blend to kick start 2022 with a buzz.

From the bunch at Mango Chutney.

In collaboration with Coffee in Common

Mangoes Favorite Blend
More Juice Than Zeus

Origins: Brazil, Colombia & Ethiopia
Process: Brazil (Honey), Colombia (Washed), Ethiopia (Washed)
Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Toffee, Creme Brulee

Coffee in Common
Coffee in Common

This blend gives you the zoomies.

Like a holiday in Italy, picturesque summers day in the alps, a nice hot machinetts (stovetop) waiting for you with your breakfast spread.

A kick up the booty that’ll make you go zoomy, it’s a sweet toffee apple, vanilla wafer surprise.

A bloody good milk coffee, it’ll cut through even the jumbo-est of mochas. Your lattes will taste like hazelnut praline.

The fuel that will get you on your bike riding across that velvety night sky, like Elliott riding with E.T in tow, with our lightning bolts a glowing, they’ll light up so we can see where we are going.

Espresso (Spro).

We follow the 2:1 ratio closely deviating slightly from this recipe. You wanna pack 20 grams of coffee into your basket (dosage) and extract 45 grams of coffee (yield). The 45 gram weight is catching both sides of the coffee pour. If you’re weighing out a single shot aim to catch 22.5 grams.

This process should take between 28 - 32 seconds.

If you find another recipe that you think is bang on and you’ve poured that elusive ‘godshot’ hit us up. We love hearing your feedback & about your experimentation with what we’re putting down.


With our filter coffee you generally want to coarsen up your grind generously compared to its spro counterpart. Our brew ratio for filter is 6 grams of coffee for every 100ml of water. Be sure to pre-wet the filter paper, then load it up with the ground coffee. Pour the boiling water over the coffee evenly, making sure all areas have been exposed to the water.

During this process remember to give the coffee sitting in the water a good stir (aka bloom) once or twice. This ensures that most of the ground coffee is extracted, to help facilitate a delicious tasting filter.

Alternatively you can let the coffee filter through naturally without blooming at all, this is known as the ‘Claudia’.
We do not recommend/endorse using this method.