Accessible Justice Project by Lipman Karas

not‑for‑profit law for all

Graphic design

Brand rollout

Interface design

Experience design

Web development

Photo shoot

Accessible Justice Project brand portraits


Mango Chutney is proud to have worked closely with the team at Lipman Karas to develop a bespoke visual system for the fresh new low-bono law firm created to address the 'missing middle' of legal access in Australia.

Accessible Justice Project website screens
Accessible Justice Project mobile website screens


The Accessible Justice Project believes that all Australians should have access to affordable legal solutions to real-life problems. An engaging digital presence with a distinct style contrasts against industry perception, and features an emphasis on the widely diverse situations of individual cases.

Accessible Justice Project brand photography


The vibrant colour palette paired with stunning bold typography was applied to a suite of collateral, taking the brand beyond the digital to the tangible.

Accessible Justice Project business cards

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