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Clingy Fibers brand

Turn it up

This certainly is a brand that wants to turn up the volume! (the volume of your hair, that is) The freshly squeezed identity recklessly shouts from the rooftops about the life changing product of Clingy Fibers. Self-confidence is for everyone! so Clingy needed an all inclusive style that fought back against traditional medical hair thinning aesthetics, embracing a strong defiant stance.

Clingy Fibers Mailer Box

Being positive and being in charge

Clingy’s magic is uncomplicated, just cotton fibres and a heap of positivity. The instant results are amazing, worth shouting about! You absolutely oughta feel confident everyday. The vivid colour palette and demanding typography embody how ecstatic you’ll be for FINALLY finding a product that does the trick. And did you know it’s all down to the simple science of a positive electrical charge? Who says it isn’t worth being a little bit more positive everyday.

Clingy Fibers product colors
Clingy Fibers product colors
Clingy Fibers packaging
Clingy Fibers applicator box
Clingy Fibers style guide
Clingy Fibers icons

A site to behold

Clingy is backed by science, but she’s not here to be clinical. So, The Clingy website takes the brand values and sprints with ‘em! Being beautiful and smart. A niche product that blends explanation sales and community. The site puts a focus on video content and heartfelt testimonials, and features a smooth e-commerce experience. The strong duotone palette comes through loud and clear, perfectly framing the wonderfully playful videos and bespoke photoshoot pics.

Clingy Fibers website hero
Clingy Fibers website sections
Clingy Fibers website pick a color
Clingy Fibers website shop
Clingy Fibers logo & applicator box

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