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Vibrantly alive and thriving

Community Language Schools SA provides support to the diverse range of multicultural schools within South Australia, which together teach a total of 47 languages. CLSSA is a not-for-profit, non-governmenteducational association that helps communities to maintain, develop, express and share their cultural heritages, and keeping languages thriving across the state.

Community Language Schools SA Brand Specimen

A colourful world

Mango Chutney loved creating a robust and playful brand refresh for the association. Highlighting the melting pot of cultures in South Australia, we developed a new logo, vibrant suite of colours and iconography, all supported by beautiful photography that celebrates inclusivity and diversity.

Community Language Schools SA Logo
Community Language Schools SA Pull Up Banners

Variety is the spice of life

Designed to be user friendly and applicable to a large range of collateral, the brand had to be functional for templates, in-house designs, and professional events. A palette of interchangeable elements including the hearty typeface, bold colours, geometric icons, and quirky picture frames all help create lively yet flexible layouts.

Community Language Schools SA Business Cards
Community Language Schools SA Annual Report

Enriching designs

The fresh brand needed to reflect the vibrancy and joy of celebrating cultural diversity. The combination of colours and forms create a rich visual kaleidoscope to showcase all the wonderful communities we have in South Australia.

Community Language Schools SA Slogan

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