Let the Poo Thru by SA Water

Save the wastewater network

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Brand and identity

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Promotional animation

Let the Poo Thru by SA Water brand and logo

Educational Mobile Game

‘Let the Poo Thru’ is a fun and highly addictive arcade-style mobile game designed to quickly educate players on what should, and shouldn’t, go down the drain. Various household items fall into a virtual toilet and the user earns points as they quickly deflect the bad items.

Let the Poo Thru game app preview


Mango Chutney was commissioned by SA Water to produce a unique campaign to promote Waste Water Education and Etiquette in conjunction with World Toilet Day (yes, there is a World Toilet Day). The App was to be fun, while teaching people about what should and should not go down the toilet. It also needed to be compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Let the Poo Thru 3D concept art
Let the Poo Thru app interface screenshots


We delivered a fun and exciting result that received unprecedented levels of engagement and an overwhelmingly positive response. The campaign was considered a huge success. Its popularity swiftly propagated through social media channels, as well as generating extensive media coverage and receiving over 30,000 downloads.

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