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Cerebral Palsy Alliance
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Fundraising App
Mango Chutney took great pride in designing and developing the Steptember App for Cerebral Palsy Alliance. The Health and Fitness App helped to raise over $6 million for the global not-for-profit organisation.
#1 Health and Fitness App
During September the App ranked number #1 Health and Fitness App, beating the likes of Fitbit, Strava, Nike+ and Runkeeper. It is available in over 150 countries worldwide, has over 117,500 active users globally, and was featured as Apple’s ‘This Week’s Favourites’.
Modern frameworks
We leveraged modern development frameworks and integrated dynamic fitness tracking with Apple Health, Google Fit and Fitbit. App users presented record levels of engagement, increasing activity by over 194%, increasing step tracking, social sharing and most importantly increasing fundraising.
Dynamic fitness tracking
The App dynamically serves country-specific content based on the users locale and device settings, handling multiple languages, time-regions and currencies. Users dynamically track their activity and fundraising.
367c Magill Road
St Morris, SA, 5068
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