Women’s Day Fun Run by Mater Foundation

Celebrating women in a sea of pink

Web development

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Experience design

Digital strategy

Women's Day Fun Run photography


The International Women’s Day Fun Run is Mater Foundation's annual flagship event, helping to provide support to women with breast cancer. In collaboration with RACQ and Mater Chicks in Pink, an incredible 13,000 people ran across Brisbane's South Bank, fundraising over $600,000.

Women's Day Fun Run mobile sign up interface

Digital Strategy

Working closely with Mater Foundation, Mango Chutney developed and implemented a refreshed, seamless participant registration journey. With a strong focus on mobile optimisation, the improved engagement sequence maximised participant retention during sign-up.

Women's Day Fun Run mobile sign up step experience
Women's Day Fun Run website home page

Digital design

As part of the Mater Foundation's rebrand, an exuberant bright colour palette was applied throughout, with circular motifs developed to provide a consistent visual integration with the organisation's identity.

Women's Day Fun Run profile page
Women's Day Fun Run campaign photography

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